I just wanted to thank Lil for a brilliant sports massage therapy treatment on Friday evening. It was my first visit to Treatments and I was really impressed with everything in the practice. The receptionist was really helpful and welcoming.
Lil was brilliant, the treatment was really professional and highly skilled. It really made a big difference in relieving my fibromyalgia muscle symptoms. Lil has a lovely bedside manner and made me feel completely relaxed. I was so pleased with the positive effect of the treatment, I will be definitely arranging further treatment sessions with her in the future.
Thankyou very much,
Hywel Jones

Superb, Hazel explains her approach to treatment and is a good listener and advisor. I have a huge improvement in neck movement and lack of pain from the first treatment. Excellent.

B Sylvester

Karen treated me for a sinus problem that had lasted over 1 month. The result was instant - pain free and other symptoms improved 90%

I have been coming to Hazel since April and the treatment and advice I have received has really transformed me. I can't thank her enough. It's worth every penny :)

P Goldstraw

I was having problems with IBS and spoke to Sue about using Acupuncture as an alternative treatment. After the first treatment the muscle cramps stopped immediately and through having regular treatments for a couple of months I am now pain free and taking no tablets. I didn't understand how it would work and was very sceptical but can honestly say it has worked for me.

Fantastic service, very professional and polite.

Eased my pain after just one session with Lil.

N Tudor

If you want positive results - look no further because the 'Treatments' team surpassed all my expectations.

My story -

I struggled for years to conceive and turned to IVF. After a failed course, I decided to try accupuncture, having heard and read that it could help you conceive.

I started treatment with Karen before my second course of IVF, results were immediately noticeable; being more relaxed and sleeping better.

I had accupuncture weekly throughout my IVF treatment and was over the moon to discover that I had achieved my goal and was pregnant.

I continued my treatment with Karen throughout my pregnancy and found that I didn't have any morning sickness or backpain, infact I had an easy pregnancy and I'm now a mummy finally!

Thank you Karen and the 'Treatments' team for your warm and considerate, professional service.

Menieres Disease and Acupuncture

It was October 2007 whilst working in Madrid that I first suffered a severe attack of vertigo. I was later diagnosed with a condition called Menieres Disease which affected my right ear. The disease is named after the French physician Prosper Meniere, who first reported about the condition in 1861 and it's still shrouded in mystery.

For several months afterwards I suffered from terryfying attacks of vertigo, nausea and general dizziness. This had a real impact upon the quality of my life, affecting both work and home life as well as my hobby - enduro off road motorcycle racing. I was 51 years old at the time and thought that I would never race again and that I may even need  to seriously review my career. Until this time I had always enjoyed good health and a very active lifestyle. However, I was now very nervous about doing anything, such as going on holiday or undetaking any type of strenuous activity. This was completely out of character for me .  My self confidence was really affected.  I found that I was visiting my GP on a regular basis, trying every available drug to varying degrees of success. The drugs just dulled the symptoms but changed nothing really. My GP was very understanding and supportive. That said, none of the treatments ever made me feel anything like back to normal.  At times I was taking anything from 3 to 8 tablets daily. I had to make drastic changes to my life regarding diet, social activities and even adjustments at work. It was a very difficult time.  Over the years I have seen a couple of consultants, the second being really helpful. She seemed to take an interest in my case. After going through the usual tests for this diease over a period of several months such as MRI scans, Vestibular testing, Epley manouver and eventually the insertion of a grommett in my affected right ear drum. This procedure took place on 5th November 2011 under general anaesthetic. The operation was straight forward and I was in and out within the day.  However, after 24 hours I started to feel quite poorly and stayed in that mode for the rest of the week.

On the 12th November 2011, almost in an act of desperation my wife suggested after doingsome internet research, that perhaps I should try acupuncture as she knew that I was really starting to feel quite depressed with my situation.

This was to be my first ever session of acupuncture. Karen really made me feel comfortable, fully explaining what would take place. During this first visit I provided Karen with all my background information and details of the treatments I had undertaken.  The following day, after this first session I started to feel that something had changed. I initially had several treatments over the next couple of weeks and slowly moved to a treatment every two weeks. At this point I should make it quite clear that until November 2011, I had rarely gone more than a few weeks and sometimes only days without having a vertigo, dizzy attack. I cannot believe the change. I have not had one vertigo attack since starting with the acupuncture treatment. I have maintained sessions never going more than 3 weeks between visits.  I had another appointment with my consultant who informed me that the grommet insertion had now gone and that my eardrum was back to normal.

My advice to anyone suffereing with suspected Menieres Disease or Vertigo is that they should try acupuncture. I can't emphasise what a difference the treatment has made. I have my life back. I have started racing again and generally enjoying having a normal life again. I actually won the Veterans Championships. Karen is a really nice person and a true professional. She makes you feel comfortable and is extremely knowlageable about her profession. I have absolute confidence in her judgement and abilities. There have been times when I may have felt a little nervous about my condition. Karen is always quick to pick up on this and gives you plenty of reassurance. I would certainly recommend Karen to anyone without a second thought.

Steve  2013

When Karen moved practices from Buxton to Leek I managed to keep the sessions going for a few months. I had not had any dizzy sessions and actually started to think that they had gone. I was still busy at work and slowly but surely my sessions dropped off until I didn't go for 12 months. However, June 2016 I experience a full blown dizzy session. the vertigo was back. I suffered about four separate events all lasting between 8 to 12 hours. Totally debilitating and very worrying.  In July I commenced my sessions again with Karen and the impact was immediate. I had a couple of treatments close together then dropped to one a week and I am currently going fortnightly. Thankfully I have not had any further dizzy sessions. I was welcomed back by Karen who immediately had a positive influence on both my condition and my sense of wellbeing. I cannot emphasise enough how effective the acupuncture treatments have been for me.  I would highly recommend that any Menieres sufferers try acupuncture and especially with Karen. First class treatment by a first class and very understanding person.

Steve 2016